„My Journey into Wideness“




January 14, 1945


Anselm Grün is born in Junkershausen









Abitur at grammar school in Würzburg and becoming a novice of the 

Benedictines in Münsterschwarzach



1965 – 1971




Studying Philosophy and Theology in St. Ottilien and Rome








Father Anselms obtains his doctorate of Theology with a study on

Karl Rahner




1974 – 1976



Studying business managent in Nuremberg







Starting out from a lecture about the spirituality of the early monks which he held at a meeting of members of orders at Münsterschwarzach Abbey Fathers Anselm released his first article titled “Reinheit des Herzens“ (“Purity of the heart”). 1976 it’s being released as a book.








Father Anselm becomes business manager (Cellerar) of Münsterschwarzach Abbey. He still is in charge of that duty today. Furthermore he was engaged in the work with young people, he gives lectures and seminars, writes books and serves as a spiritual attendant at the Recollectiohaus for priests and members of orders in crisis.







The books of Father Anselm are beeing translated in more than 28 languages.







Father Anselm keeps up an extensive schedule of lectures and seminars in

Europe. He conducts courses (in German language) at Münsterschwarzach,

Haus Benedikt in Würzburg and in big business companies.


He’s also traveling around the world to teach people how to live a life in harmony

and inner peace.


By now about 150 books have been published. He is one of the most read spiritual authors today. Worlwide sales are beyond 14 million books.











Grün, Anselm: Mein Weg in die Weite. Freiburg i. Br.: Herder, 2003

and own research.









Here you find an overview of


Roots and Fruits” of Father Anselms work