The Holy Bible



Bible Ressources.Org


The Bible in the Internet.




Desert Fathers



Desert Fathers at Wikipedia


Overview and some links.



The Inner Light “Thought of the Week” Newsletter and Archive


Collection of Sayings by the early Desert Fathers.




Benedict of Nursia



Benedict of Nursia at Wikipedia


Good overview and links.



The Order of Saint Benedict




Carl Gustav Jung



The Jung Page


Lots of Information and texts about Jung and Analytic Psychology.



C.G. Jung at Wikipedia


Profound overview, huge bibliography and many links.




Karlfried Graf Dürckhheim



Karlfried Graf Dürckhheim at Wikipedia


Short introduction of life and work.




Henri M. Nouwen



Henri Nouwen Society


Information and documents from the great theologian.




Karl Rahner



Karl Rahner at Freiburg University


German Archive with original audio- and videodocuments.



Karl Rahner Society


Ressources about Rahner in English.