Quite a number of information about publications by

Father Pater Anselm you can find here in English as well as  in German language.


The audio books by Father Anselm are German only. 



English sources:



Anselm Grün

Anselm Gruen

Anselm Grun


Each variation may have different results !



You also find quite a number of Spanish translations !




Attention: There are some English titles listed as beeing books by Father

Anselm which aren’t !! They are simply listed by the wrong author.

So you better try and see an enlargement of the cover picture.









German Sourcs:














 enter: Suchbegriff „Anselm Grün“











Büchersuche    Autor: Anselm Gruen







Unsere Bücher – Suche    Autor    enter: „Anselm Gruen   push: [Suche starten]



Results directly via this link







Radio Vorarlberg – Focus


If you want to listen to Father Anselms original voice you find quite a number of recorded

lectures at Radio Vorarlberg as live-audiostream („radio on demand“) for free listening pleasure.


You have to enter „Anselm Gruen“ in the archive.